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CNV Red & Infrared Light Therapy Pad For Full Body,960 PCS 660nm LED Red Light and 850nm Near-Infrared Light, 67'×15.7' Home Laying Red Pad

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【Cover the Whole Body】67''×15.7'' extra large therapy pad, you can lie on it or cover your body. CNV red & infrared light therapy device adopts 1920 PCS powerful 850nm invisible infrared LED light chips and 960 PCS 660nm red LED light chips for your body cure.Whether you're looking for rapid recovery from workouts, pain relief, staying in shape, rejuvenating skin, reducing inflammation,

relieving muscle fatigue, or better sleep, CNV red light therapy belt is your choice. 

【Red Light Therapy Pad for Full Body】Now you can use the LED red light to provide direct pain relief. Red light device uses a combo of red 660nm,and Infrared 850nm LED which is proven to give the ideal light intensity for anywhere on the body. Red light 660nm can be seen by human eyes and targeted at the skin, infrared 850nm can not be seen by naked eyes and targets deep tissues. 

【Auto Shut-Off Timer & Temperature Setting】10min, 20min and 30min time setting, time is up, the product will auto shut-off. 39℃±2℃, 43℃±2℃ and 47℃±2℃ temperature setting, with the blessing of temperature, the treatment effect is better. Wide voltage AC 100 - 240V & DC 12 V, you can power the pad with AC socket and also with power bank. It is convenient to use at home, office or on-the go. 

【Six Operation Modes】There are six modes to choose according to your need. ①660nm red light & 850nm infrared light mode(Press the "R" key ONCE); ②850nm infrared light mode(Press the "R" key TWICE); ③660nm red light mode(Press the "R" key 3 TIMES); ④660nm red & 850nm infrared light pulse mode(Press the "R" key ONCE, then press the "P").⑤ 850nm infrared light pulse mode(Press the "R" key TWICE, then press the "P"); ⑥660nm red light pulse mode(Press the "R" key 3 TIMES, then press the "P"). 


【PERFECT GIFT】 We offer a 12 month warranty and 24 hour customer service. Our heating pad can provide true relaxation for your beloved friends and family on any occasion, the heating pad is a great gift idea for friends, relatives or your loved one - or for yourself!

Reasons to choose this product 

Congratulations on taking control of your pain! Now you can use the LED red light therapy to provide direct, non-addictive,drug-free pain relief. Please read the following closely before using the product as it may explain important operating procedures. 

Red light therapy device uses a combo of red 660nm and Infrared 850nm LED which 

is proven to give the ideal light intensity for biological effects anywhere on the body. Red light 660nm can be seen by human eyes and targeted at skin cells, 

infrared 850nm can not be seen by naked eyes and target deep tissues. 

Not only for people, but also for pets 

1.It can be used at any time of rest without delaying your working time.

2.Max 1-2 times a day, and each time do not exceed 30 minutes.

3.Please wear the goggles when you enjoy the light therapy.



Red Light Mode 

The main function is to promote local blood circulation, which can promote cell metabolism, and has anti-aging, anti-oxidation and skin repair effects. 

Infrared Mode 

Infrared light has anti-inflammatory function, promote the absorption of inflammation, and can also reduce the excitability of nerve endings, play ananalgesic effect. 

Red & Infrared Light Mode 

Using the two modes at the same time can more effectively solve various small problems on the body, enhance the physical fitness, and live a happy life. 


1. People with heart disease or pacemakers cannot use this device. Expectant mothers, people with skin ulcers and allergies should not use it. 

2. Please be patient as it may take several weeks or longer to experience optimal relief. The effect may be different for different people as their conditions can be varied and complex. 

3. When using the red infrared light therapy wrap, please make sure your skin is cool and dry. 

4. Do not hit, fold or step on the red light therapy device, otherwise, the light may be damaged. 



1*Therapy Mat

1*Safety Goggle

1*Storage Bag

1*Power Cord



1*User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

  • B

    This product is great. I use it daily for pain relief and energy. I like to put it in my desk chair in the morning and afternoon. It acts as both infrared and red therapy as well as heat for pain relief. I also use it when I'm feeling my energy need boosting due to intense daily workload on the computer, so it's a great tool for replenishing and boosting energy when you're needing to be at a desk/engage in digital screen time at length. My parents have found it enjoyable to use for their stiff joints even when watching tv at night. I recommend giving it a try.

  • Vo*****ete

    This thing works! I had surgery (an endometrioma removed). I was in extreme pain after surgery and the oxycodone wasn't taking the pain all the way away. I used this constantly on my abdomen and it helped so much. It reduced the inflammation from my surgery and helped me heal. I have used it in my neck for tension headaches and got relief and so has my mom. I had my parents try it and they brought one of their own. My dad loves it for his shoulder pain. Overall it's just great. I used it every day until my puppy chewed the cord. I was so upset... like a kid who just lost their blankie. I contacted the company to see if I could buy a new cord and they sent me one out for free. Wonderful customer service, wonderful product, I'm so happy to have it working again.

  • ro*****lyn

    My shoulder has been hurting for a long time due to chronic strain. I have been using it for a week. With the aid of the light therapy band, I feel the pain gradually decreasing. Stick on the parts of the body that need treatment, warm and relaxing. I think it's very helpful for muscle fatigue and blood circulation.

  • A

    This is one of the more comfortable, easy ways to utilize red light therapy. The neoprene pad is soft and flexible. There is an additional pad (one that touches the skin) that is removable for cleaning. The lights themselves are bright with varying intensities. You can toggle between red light, infrared (cannot see this with naked eye) light or both. You can also pulse the lights. The pad comes with a stretchy strap. The strap/ band does not loop through the lighted pad, you just pretty much use the band to wrap the device to your body. The battery pocket is very small. I can’t conceive of a battery pack that has enough power to light this device would fit in such a tiny pouch. This seems well made, I hope it lasts a long time and doesn’t burn out. I will report back if the longevity is poor. Good so far. The price seems to fluctuate a lot based on promotions and coupons. I think it’s worth buying if it’s on sale. I’ve been using this for tension on my shoulders and it’s helped better than creams alone.

  • H

    I have many back issues & many other serious medical issues that cause constant pain & muscle spasms. I've tried just about everything out there - prescriptions & OTC meds didn't really help. I'm now trying homeopathic options so I decided to try red light therapy. I honestly don't know if it's the placebo effect, as some claim, or if the light actually does penetrate & help heal. All I can honestly say is that this is well made, easy to use product & I've noticed less pain & fewer bad spasms since I started using it for red light therapy. Based on that I'll definitely continue using it & would recommend it. :)

  • A

    his works! Hard to believe, almost seems like magic, but it’s true. In a book by Linda Goodman (IMHO, the best astrologer ever) sometime in the 70’s, she wrote about the use of both red and blue light as a means of healing. At the time I was pretty sure she’d lost her mind or been absconded with by Martians. Well..... I was totally wrong. From experience I now know that red light can reach through deep layers of the skin to stimulate cellular repair, increase circulation, enhance metabolism and improve cell vitality, etc. Many medical practices now routinely use red light therapy as part of a non-invasive healing program. One or two red light therapy treatments per day can help speed up joint recovery and (YES!!) alleviate pain. It’s great for sport injuries, neck and shoulder stiffness, sore back, muscle pain, and tissue repair.

  • M

    I severely sprained my ankle. I couldn’t walk at all for a month, and painfully walked little baby steps for another month. Going on third month of initial injury, I’m doing lot better but I get walking pain if I walk too much or twist weird ways. I started using infrared red light on my ankle since the beginning of my injury and because I was in so much pain in the beginning I couldn’t see if red infrared lights were helping, but now that I’m not in severe pain, I do see some difference. After long day of walk and when I get stressed pain on my ankle I would put it on and leave it about 20 min, and the heat from the light feels good and I do feel like it takes away the pain. So yeah. Why not. That’s my thought. I would’ve try anything to help me get back to my recovery because not walking is not fun.

  • S
    San***** G.

    I am really glad I found this little treasure--- the smaller size is very useful and you can choose for both wavelengths or just the 660 which is best for hair. I haven't had this too long so I hope it lasts, like also that it has a vinyl cover that you can choose to use if you perhaps have ointment or hair oil on so the light pad itself does not get anything on it.

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