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CNV Led Face Mask Light Therapy,Flexible Silicone 3 Colors Light 160 LED,Red & Blue Light Therapy for Wrinkles, Rejuvenation & Tightening,G2 Black

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【FACIAL SKIN CARE MASK -SAFE PORTABLE DESIGN】 The LED light therapy mask is using food-grade silicone and 160 pcs of 99% purity infra LED chips with no UV.Compared with other heavy facial mask, It's only as heavy as a cell phone and safe , will not leave indentation on the face.It's easy to carry in handbag that supports you to enjoy SPA quality skin treatment anywhere and anytime. 

【FITS TO YOUR FACE】 Unlike many other led face light therapy devices, the CNV Light Therapy Mask is made from patented flexible silicone that wraps perfectly around the face - meaning the light can penetrate every area of the skin and suitable for different size face. 

【BENEFITS OF CNV LIGHT THERAPY MASK】This light therapy mask provides you 7 different colors light wavelengths to treat a myriad of skin problems. Our UV Free non-heat producing LEDs penetrate your facial tissue to boost collagen, clear and tighten your skin, reduce lines and wrinkles, improve skin color, and much more. 

【3 WAVELENGHTS LED LIGHT】When you put this photon mask on your face, your skin appearance will revamp without side effect: This skin rejuvenation mask will Increase Blood Flow and Collagen Production, Whiten Skin, Tighten Wrinkles, Improve Pigmentation, Fine Lines, Anti-Aging , Reduce Skin Grease, smoothen and stimulate skin recovery, Reduce Redness. 

【USE LIGHT FACE MASK RECOMMENATIONS AND WARRANTY】Products can be used for electricity, or can support any charging treasure.The suggested operating time is between 10 and 20 minutes. 4 times a week to start led light therapy. 1 year manufacturer warranty and our 180 days satisfaction guarantee. Our customer service team will get back to you within 12 working hours if you have any inquires. 


CNV Silicone LED mask has six unique characteristics. 

It is lighter and more comfortable than ordinary LED mask,designed for facial beautification, uses natural light waves, which are transmitted by LEDs into the skin.FLEXIBLE & SOFT Fully wearable and comfortable design of silicone mask ensures it fits every shape of face.

Products can be used for electricity, or can support any charging treasure.It's easy to fold and carry in handbag that supports you to enjoy SPA quality skin treatment anywhere and anytime.


CNV Light Therapy Mask is the use of photon therapy theory , improve skin activity,so that the skin can stimulate more collagen production. 



The device combines Red (650nm) ,The Red Light improves blood circulation and increases the production of new collagen, Calms redness ,Tightens Skin ,Improve Pigmentation. 

Penetrating deep in to the skin’s surface it boosts circulation, improves blood flow and boosts oxygen to the skin’s cells.

Blue Light(460nm)-Deep-Clean Calms&Tightens Skin& Oil Control

Yellow Light(590nm)-Smooth Skin and Reduces Redness &Improve Dull Skin &Brighten Skin Tone.

Data From Customers Which Use CNV Therapy Mask After Two Weeks ,Show That The Indicators Of The Face Have Improved Significantly. 

We're Bringing You Skin Science & Technology to Help You Achieve Your Best Skin Ever. enjoy SPA quality skin treatment anywhere and anytime. .


Use Occasions 

You could carry it in your bag ,using it outdoors.

You can use it on the road.

You can use it on vacation.

You can use it anytime and anywhere.



Package Box Included 

1 Flexible Silicone Led Facial Mask

1 Visual multi-functional operation panel 

1 Manual

1 power cable

1 Safety goggles

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

  • Ka*****enM

    So pleased with this face mask. Very lightweight, flexible, and easy to use. The lights feel great. I do both the red and blue at night and I feel like my skin is more “glowy” after using. Some of these go for more than twice the price and I can’t see how they would be any better. I also appreciate that it shuts off automatically. The only nit is that it should come with eye protection. I have some from when I used to go tanning (remember those days? Ugh) so I use those but I strongly advise you to get some. Great product!

  • Ga*****irl

    I have tested a couple of these masks and this is by far my favorite. It’s light weight enough to wear while working around the house so I definitely use it more than some if the other heavy ones. It’s super easy to use and the specs seem very comparable to the more expensive brands. I was super excited about getting this gadget because it seems to be the latest anti-aging craze. I don’t know enough about the technology to speak to the science behind it. What I do know is that my skin feels really good after I use it and I feel like it will continue to improve over time. I would recommend it for anyone with problem skin or aging issues that they would like to reverse.

  • Co*****kie

    I have owned several LED light therapy devices, and this one is the best so far. My other mask is translucent and there are thin horizontal LED lines on it. I didn’t think it worked well. The handheld ones I have are good, but not so convenient. I’m so glad I ordered this one. It’s well-made and comfortable to use. The lights are powerful and seem effective. Very easy to use. The velcro on the strips is strong. Once set, they are not going anywhere. What I love the most is that it’s rechargeable. You still need to plug the controller into the mask, though much better than plugging it into the wall outlet. The wavelengths are the same as those of more expensive, well-known brands. And way cheaper than treatment at salons. The results take time, but I have a good feeling and high hope for this mask. I would recommend IBORRIA Led Light Therapy Face Mask.

  • An*****ser

    So, this is the very best LED face mask I have ever used, Ever! And, I have used a ton of different brands/styles of LED masks! This is the best bang for your buck! The mask comes in a beautiful box! Perfect for gifting or to treat yourself. It comes with all the charging cords you need and a handheld on/off switch that also controls the lights. You get to choose from Red-for aging and fine lines-Blue-to help cleanse and reduce acne-and Yellow-which tends to help more with pigmentation. Each color has 3 levels of brightness. I also use the highest setting because I’ve been using these types of LED lights for years! You can really feel the lights working with this masks compared to so many other masks I’ve used before and have seen nor felt no results from! The mask itself is super comfortable!! It is adjustable and feels so nice on your face. You’re able to walk around your house and finish whatever chores/work you need to complete. You don’t have to stay plugged into the wall to use this mask. Which, is my fav part about it! All the other ones I have used in the past, I need 30 mins to lay down while being plugged into an outlet to use the mask. Not with this one! I highly highly recommend this mask! It’s perfect!

  • As*****rid

    As far as LED face masks go, this is probably the most comfortable that I've used. Instead of being a hard plastic shield with lights that sits on the face and feels uncomfortable in places while looking like you are ready to go fight off Klingons, this is a thick, but soft pliable mask with lights. You'll still look like a cast member of some Sci-Fi film though. Of course, that can be kind of fun. I find that it's best to lay back and relax while using. It stays on the face with a headband in case you need to move around. You can get up and move around, but I still believe that it's safer to stay put and keep your eyes shut. The lights are really helpful to treat and condition the skin on your face. Sometimes I stick with the blue lights when my skin is feeling more sensitive and wanting to breakout, while I use the red ones to smooth out my wrinkles. Having mature combination skin, I use all of the different color options at different times for the many different results they provide. They really do help and improve my overall skin quality.

  • ja*****jac

    A little longer Read, but I explain in detail Red Light Therapy(RLT)as well as my Own Personal Success using RLT! I’m a Huge Fan of Red Light Therapy(RLT)devices, this one Doesn’t Disappoint! I’m impressed with the quality of this RLT mask. It’s made really well and also feels good on my skin. I’ve reviewed a lot(50+) RLT devices but this is my First RLT face mask to review. The face mask is wireless(in a sense)but you do have to plug the mask in to the Included portable power bank in order to use. It’s totally portable all the way, I just wanted to point out the fact you do actually have a power cord connected to the mask. But, the cord that’s connected to the mask gets plugged into the included portable power bank giving you the Freedom to walk around. It makes so you don’t have to sit in one place using a wall outlet to power the mask! Keep in mind you have to provide your own power brick to charge the power bank. This platform has plenty power bricks to browse through if you need an extra one and they’re not expensive. I’m using my iPhones power brick to charge the power bank, it works fine. Typically with wireless RLT devices I find the light intensity is subpar verse devices that actually get plugged into a power outlet. However, with this face mask I find the light intensity is some of the best I’ve actually seen! That’s going up against devices being plugged into power outlets, that aspect impresses me! You receive the RLT Mask, portable power bank, mask straps, comprehensive instruction booklet, as well as a handy storage/travel bag. The product box(not shipping box)that everything arrives in has a really nice magnetic closure/lid making for a great first impression of the mask! You’re able to cycle through the three light colors using the power bank that also serves as your control device for the mask as well. The mask uses red, blue, and yellow lights. Each color of light is used independently and Not multiple colors being used at the same time. I really like that aspect of the mask as each light color provides for different treatments and use. You can wear the mask or you can hold the mask in your hands, it’s totally up to you. I’ve used the mask both ways and find each method pleasant. Each color of light has three levels of intensity which is a great feature to have! I first got exposed to RLT devices when I was going to Physical Therapy treatments for a torn rotator cuff. I’ve torn both rotators cuffs but RLT was only used on the second injury. With the first injury, RLT wasn’t well known as well wasn’t widely used during physical therapy treatments. Now RLT treatments are the Standard when it comes to Physical Therapy treatment plans ordered by your doctor! Both tears in the rotator cuffs were essentially in the same location as well as same size. By using RLT during my PT treatments, it cut down my recovery time in HALF!! NASA is the pioneer of RLT and research. A simple internet search will pull up their studies as well as their findings. Like I said above, I’m a Huge Fan of RLT devices. With my use, I’ve had Really Impressive results! I’ve used RLT therapy devices on my hands, legs, shoulders, back, and arms. Now I’m able to use RLT on my face which is Awesome! With any treatments done on your body it takes a commitment on your part to see results. That holds True with All RLT devices. You can’t use RLT only one time and expect noticeable results. It’s all about your goals and your dedication to do your own treatments. I’m 100% confident with continued use of this mask on my face that I Will See a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Since RLT helped to reduce my recovery time in half with my torn rotator cuff, I’m blown away with this technology. When you take in to consideration that RLT reduced my recovery time in half and was used to go through layers of tissue/muscle, I find that incredible! Since this mask can be used directly on my face, which doesn’t go through layers and layers of thick tissue/muscle, I know I’ll see results!! I’ve been using the mask twice daily on my face for ten minutes per treatment. I plan to continue my treatments daily twice to three times a day for the next month. Since my goal is to reduce fine lines and reduce the overall size of wrinkles, daily improvements will be harder to see. However, I’m confident with continued use for a month I’ll be able to see noticeable results. RLT is Great to be used on blemishes as well as skin that has imperfections. I have bad arthritis in both hands. I did two weeks of RLT treatments(using a different RLT device)on both hands and had lasting results for several months! At times with RLT devices/treatments the area you’re treating might need future treatments for continued results or relief from pain. With my hands, I did have to do additional treatments months later as my pain started coming back. But, with my hands I’ve only had to do treatments again months later which I think is great. With injured hands or hands that suffer from arthritis, I’m certain I needed more treatments months later due to the fact how often I use my hands. Even if I had to continue doing treatments with months being pain free, I would still consider that amazing! Each and every time I’ve used RLT devices I’ve had improvements with whatever I’ve treated. With this mask, you’re fully able to use it on other areas of your body. It lays nice and flat making it perfect for a variety of other locations on your body for treatments. If you’ll read through the included instructions, you’ll be able to figure out what light spectrum to pick for treatments. It’s completely normal for the mask as well as any RLT device to produce gentle heat on your skin. RLT devices need to be used Directly on your skin you’re treating. RLT is designed to be used directly on your skin otherwise you won’t obtain results. Also, remember it takes a commitment on your end to see results. Doing daily treatments on your face with this mask, I would expect to see results with one month of treatments! Facial skin is thinner as well as doesn’t have as many layers of tissue to travel through. With other body areas, more treatments than a month might be needed. It took a little over a month to completely recover from my torn rotator injury. I did treatments every other day doing two treatments daily for 10 to 15 minutes per session. My torn rotator cuff no longer hurts when raising my arm or when sleeping, amazing in my book! I have full range of motion in my arms now, totally amazing! I Highly Recommend this Quality Made RLT Mask for all the reasons I’ve stated above. At the time writing this review, they showed a 30% Off Coupon! All you have to do is tap on the coupon tab, during checkout you’ll see the discount. I already thought the mask was priced completely fairly. Now it’s an even better Bargain as this is truly a very well made mask! Having three different colored lights to cycle through and use is awesome! Being a portable RLT device that Does Actually produce really good light intensity is hard to find! Each color offers three different levels of light intensity. The pictures included in the sellers ad accurately depict the items I received. I Hope you find my review Helpful, thanks for reading.

  • Hu*****ior

    I'm pretty impressed with this LED light therapy face mask. The lights are super bright and seem powerful enough for the job. It is lightweight and comfortable to put on. It uses a grid of 3 different color LEDs with near-infrared light to do the therapy. The material and build quality seems pretty good. The mask is sturdy and well made. It is flexible and soft to the touch. It bends around your face comfortably. It uses 3 Velcro straps to secure around your face: 2 side straps and 1 top strap. Two silicone eye inserts are included, which would help prevent the stray lights from hitting your eyes. The mask is powered by a remote unit via a USB cord. It has the control buttons and a built-in rechargeable battery (charging cable provided). You can power on/off, change lighting mode and intensity level. I'm mainly using the red+NIR and blue+NIR lights for anti-aging and acne treatment respectively. It is easy to use and seems to help. A treatment session takes 15 minutes. It usually takes 4 weeks before starting to see results. Only time will tell how good it is. It is easy to clean with a sanitizing wipe between uses, and to share with family members. This comes well packaged in a premium flip-top hard box with a product sleeve over it. The presentation is great and it would make a fine gift to your loved one. Made in China. Overall, this is a nice LED light therapy face mask. It is easy to use and seems promising. I like that it is powered by the external power/remote unit, so it is lightweight on the face and you can use it practically anywhere. It is pricey but probably worth the investment for home-spa beauty treatment. I'm pleased with it so far. Good product.

  • L.*****eed

    plugged into an outlet, the other was a clear shield mask that produced only dim light. Neither had any flexibility to actually conform to the face, and both fogged up while in use. When I saw this flexible, rechargeable wearable mask, I ordered it immediately and I'm so happy I did! No need to stay in one place since it's rechargeable. It's very flexible with straps that adjust to best fit the face and has 3 levels of light intensity with 3 therapeutic light colors to choose from. It doesn't get heated or fogged when worn due to the custom cut-out for the nose. The eye shields are removable if one needs to for a better fit. It's even easy to clean after each use. I use an alcohol wipe to clean it before placing it back in the box for safekeeping. I'm finally motivated to use a mask consistently due to my comfort level and ability to move around while wearing it. Highly recommended!!

  • M

    GAME CHANGER! I have an old, brand name, handheld light that I liked but it took FOREVER to do my entire face because you had to leave it on one spot for 3 minutes, then move it to the next spot, and so on. I looked into the whole face unit from that same brand name, and it was basically the price of my mortgage. I then started looking at these masks on Amazon. They are affordable and have great reviews, so I decided to try one. I looked at several brands but decided on this one because it came with a neck piece and had great reviews. As soon as I received it I was blown away. It came in a nice sturdy box that is great to store it in when you’re not using it. And the mask itself is of really impressive quality! Like some users mentioned, it can get heavy but I found that if I slide it up a little so it rests on my eyebrows and use a tiny piece of cotton on the contact point on my chin, it became super comfortable. I fall asleep every time I use it now. I also just read in another review that the pins that come with it are to lift it (I had no idea what they were for), so I will try those next. Anyway, I’m so glad I got this! If you’re on the fence, definitely get this mask!

  • M

    I am elated with my LED mask. I have had this treatment in a salon and was thrilled to find I could achieve the same results at home. From what my aesthetician said, the at home units aren't quite as powerful but that meant I just needed to use it for longer periods of time. It can also be used frequently. Daily or every other day for up to 30 minutes. I read some other reviews and wanted to add a few details that some people seem confused about. One being that the silver prongs that stick out carry a low current that can be turned on or off (the prongs can also be fully removed). If you turn this feature on, be sure to use Aquasonic Ultrasound Transmission Gel (or a thick transmission gel of your choice) to carry the current and improve the results from the LED mask. My aesthetician said many pros use the Aquasonic Gel which is very inexpensive. I also got dispisable gold foil eye covers to wear as I don't like the brightness of the light. I prefer to lie back and relax. I use this for anti aging and skin tightening and saw a difference after the very first time. I also use this on my teenage son for acne and skin calming (mostly on the blue and green setting for him). To make it more comfortable I bought a piece of foam and put it around the outer edges to hold the mask slightly away from pressing into my face too much. I highly recommend this mask and think everyone should have one! Their instructions may not be detailed, but I hope my review helps answer some concerns other people had that I found solutions for :)

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