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CNV Red Infrared Light Therapy Belt- 300 LED Combo 660nm and 880nm- For Relaxing Muscle, Inflammation, Improve Circulation,Weight Loss

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Multifunctional Therapy Belt: This infrared light therapy belt uses a combination of 660nm red light and 850nm near-infrared light, which can penetrate deep into body to help you relieve muscle fatigue and soreness, etc. 
Large Cover Area: This wearable red light therapy device consists of an alternating array of 150pcs 660nm red lights and 150pcs 850nm invisible infrared lights, a total of 300pcs LED lights. 22.05" x 7.09" a larger area for better coverage on the back, neck, shoulder, elbow joint and waist. 
5 Levels Adjustable Brightness: L0-L4, a total of 5 levels of brightness can be adjusted through the controller, allow choose the appropriate brightness according to your individual needs and treatment area. Easy to use, and the elderly can also handle it easily. Suitable for home and office. 
Auto Shut-off Timer: This infrared light therapy for pain can be set to automatically turn off after 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes. Intelligent design gives you greater flexibility and personalization to create your own therapy. You can use it at any time any place. 
12 Months Warranty: CNV portable deep far infrared red light therapy fat loss offers one year warranty and within 24 hours technical support. Package includes: 1x therapy red light belt, 1x power supply, 1x USB boost cable, 1x controller cord, and 1x user manual. 

Why choose CNV red light therapy belt
1. With 21.65" x 3.15" large area, CNV wearable red light therapy pad is better coverage on the back, neck, shoulder, and waist. 
2. The LED red light therapy for body combines 650nm red light and 850nm infrared light. Invisible infrared lights penetrate deeply in 30-40mm, making it beneficial for bones, joints, and deep muscle recovery problems. Two different wavelengths work simultaneously for double protection and better results. 

3. This near infrared light therapy device is equipped with remote control, with 6-time modes to choose from; at the same time, there are 5 different light intensities; which is intelligent and convenient. 
Product Features: 
1.Product Size: 51.18" x 7.09"
2.LED Light Panel Size: 22.05" x 7.09"
3.Input Voltage: AC 100-240V
4.Output Voltage: DC 12V
5.Power: Max 16W
6.Power Bank: Support (5V power bank needs to use the USB booster cable)
7.LED Quantity: 300pcs
8.Product Weight: 1.87 lbs

Package Included: 1x LED therapy light belt, 1x power supply, 1x USB boost cable, 1x extension cord/controller cable, 1x user manual 

Warm Tips: 
1.This wearable red light therapy device consists of an alternating array of 150pcs 660nm red lights and 150pcs 850nm invisible infrared lights. So the second and the fourth 
line lights are invisible lights (They work, but are invisible to the naked eye.).
2.The max power of this red light therapy belt is 16W. When connecting the power bank, make sure that the power output of your power bank can reach 16W; otherwise, the red light belt won't work. (Some power banks cannot convert to 16W, so even if a booster cable is used, it still doesn't work. )
3.After receiving the product, it is recommended to place it in a ventilated and dry place for one day.
4.Recommended to use 20 minutes per day for at least 3 weeks.
5.Please wear light clothing when using the product to avoid burning the skin.

How the LED red light therapy device work
1. The effective wavelengths for NIR light therapy include 770 to 1,200 nm. NIR wavelengths are more beneficial for deep wound healing or for the relief of deep muscle and joint pain. The shorter the wavelength, the deeper the infrared light penetrates the body. 850 nm and 980 nm are the common wavelengths used for NIR light therapy. 

2. The 660nm red light can deep into the tissue, which is suitable for the neck, back, waist, arm, hand, foot, tummy, and other body parts. And 850nm invisible infrared light can deeper into tissue than 660nm red light, especially fit for the joints and muscles, such as elbow, knee, ankle, etc. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

  • Sm*****ith

    I often feel pain in my waist. In order to relieve my pain, I bought this belt therapy device. It is very easy to use and operate. The belt controller and belt are completely separated, and it is performed through wireless control technology. Control, which makes the way of operation more intuitive, and it is equipped with an automatic memory function, which can automatically select my most recent use area when I start using it, which is very convenient. The three-in-one lighting design allows these lights to be arranged alternately and closely, which greatly increases the penetration rate of red light, thereby more effectively relieving the pain and soreness of the waist. After using it, I can clearly feel my The waist is more comfortable and relaxed.

  • Al*****ice

    This red-light therapy belt is well made, and it is adjustable to fit me well. It has a total of 130 light beats with a strong pulse, providing good penetration. I can use it while I'm working or reading a book. I like the way it has a wireless controller, so I can control the settings wirelessly. It provides different working zone control that will target different parts of my body. I can even use the controller to control which zones to work. This belt doesn't overheat so it is overall very comfortable to use this belt, and it relaxes my muscles and relieves my pain effectively.

  • Mo*****lly

    I recently purchased the Red Light Therapy Belt for my beloved grandmother, who has been struggling with body muscle pain for quite some time. Let me tell you, this purchase has been a true game-changer in her pain management journey. First and foremost, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this therapy belt. It's evident that it's been crafted with care and built to last. The material is sturdy yet comfortable, ensuring a snug fit without causing any discomfort to my grandma. Plus, it's incredibly easy to use, which is a blessing for her, as she's not particularly tech-savvy. But what truly matters is the remarkable relief it has brought to my grandmother. She has been using it regularly, and the results have been nothing short of astonishing. The red light therapy, combined with the timer function, has allowed her to target her specific pain points effectively. She often remarks about how soothing and comforting the therapy feels, gradually alleviating her muscle pain. The timer feature is an absolute gem, as it ensures that she gets the right amount of therapy without overdoing it. This added layer of safety is something I greatly appreciate, knowing that my grandmother is getting the care she needs without any risk. Considering the quality and the incredible relief it has provided, I have to say that this Red Light Therapy Belt is an exceptional value for the price. It's a practical and affordable solution for anyone dealing with muscle pain or seeking relaxation, we are very satisfied with this product, recommend.

  • Vi*****ien

    Due to sitting in front of the computer for a long time, I feel very painful every time I exercise my waist. This has brought too much inconvenience and pain to my life. So I bought this heating belt. The use of this belt therapy device is very simple, because its belt controller and belt are designed separately, and it is operated through wireless control technology. This not only makes it The appearance is more concise, and it also makes it more intuitive and convenient to wear and operate the control. What surprised me is that it is also equipped with an automatic memory function! It automatically selects the areas I have massaged recently, making it easier to use. This therapeutic instrument also has a three-in-one lighting function. The principle is to arrange the red light closely and alternately with other lights, greatly improving the penetration rate of the red light, and more accurately locating the pain in my waist. This design has been more effective in relieving the pain and soreness in my lower back. After two days of use, I can already feel my waist is more relaxed. Not only that, but the quality and design of this belt therapy device are very impressive to me. The material is comfortable and fits the waist curve very well, whether I am sitting or walking, I can wear it freely. This delicate and detailed craftsmanship ensures its reliability and comfort, and can provide me with a very comfortable treatment experience for a long time. The portability of this therapeutic device is also very high, and it can be easily carried anytime and anywhere as long as I want, whether it is resting at home, working in the office, or traveling. All in all, its portability and high-efficiency treatment allowed me to truly relieve my lower back pain, and let my waist regain comfort and relaxation.

  • Lo*****fel

    Bought this for my back pain. After a long hour shift for the day i needed something to relieve the pain and its easy to use.

  • M
    Mar***** S.

    this item is amazing. i wasn’t sure at first but after reading about the benefits of red light therapy i decided to give it a shot. and omg. am i glad i did. this thing is amazing and so easy to use. the first day i used it on my lower back and let me tell you. it relived so much pain i didn’t need to take all of my medication i normally do. i was able to skip to dosages of my pain medications. i then tried it on my foot which has nerve damage and unbelievable. i actually had more feeling and sensitivity in my foot. i would recommend this for anyone who has aches and pains. it’s so easy to use. and works so well.

  • J

    I feel this is a magical product. I say this because it really makes my low back pain disappear! Not long ago, I accidentally sprained my waist because I was bathing my little dog. It was very painful, so I couldn't bend over and it was a little difficult to walk. Introduced by a friend, I bought this product on Amazon, which is treated by infrared rays. In fact, there are many similar products on Amazon, and their functions may be similar. The product arrived soon, and I couldn't wait to try it out. It was amazing. The pain was relieved on the first day, so I insisted on using it for five days, and the situation improved day by day until all my low back pain symptoms disappeared. It's incredible. This product saves me time and money to go to the hospital to see a doctor. Reading the product description, it can not only treat low back pain, but also treat legs and shoulders. It's worth a few tens of dollars. I will continue to recommend this product to other friends.

  • J
    Jon*****n B

    Absolutely love this thing. Red light therapy has been an absolute game changer for me. This belt fits great and stays in place. The lights get warm so it is a nice little back warmer as well! I do recommend!

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