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3 bouteilles (3 mois d'approvisionnement) CNV Femmes Hommes Croissance des cheveux Vitamines pour cheveux Peau et ongles Suppléments de biotine à croquer

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Nous avons conçu nos vitamines pour ceux qui recherchaient des vitamines faciles à manger sans avoir à avaler des pilules. Améliorer la santé globale et augmenter la force des cheveux
Cette formule végétalienne est basée sur des essais cliniques qui ont montré que ces ingrédients aident à améliorer la santé des cheveux.
Nourrissez vos cheveux de l'intérieur avec nos vitamines pour cheveux d'ours gommeux sans cruauté. Nos vitamines ne contiennent pas d'hormones, elles n'affecteront donc pas les poils de votre visage ou de votre corps.
Vitamine A, vitamine C, vitamine D, vitamine E, vitamine B-6, acide folique, vitamine B-12, biotine, acide pantothénique, iode, zinc, choline, inositol, en tant que vitamines et minéraux actifs
Pas de gélatine. Pas de produits laitiers. Pas de gluten.


Ingrédients naturels pour la beauté

Une nouvelle ère de soins personnels a produit une approche plus naturelle de la beauté. Des ingrédients puissants comme la biotine, l'argan, le collagène, la vitamine B, la vitamine E et d'autres minéraux deviennent des produits phares de l'industrie de la beauté. Les multivitamines pour femmes et d'autres produits de bien-être courants incluent ces ingrédients dans leurs formules pour un soutien solide.

À propos de CNV Cheveux Peau & Ongles

CNV propose désormais une formule de premier choix pour les cheveux, la peau et les ongles, infusée d'huile d'argan et spécialement formulée pour les personnes déficientes en biotine. Chaque portion fournit un mélange précis de nutriments avancés comme l'huile de noix de coco et le collagène dans des gélules extra-fortes. La meilleure chose est que cela fonctionne pour n'importe quel style de vie ! Notre complexe nourrissant est pratique à emporter et fabriqué à partir d'un approvisionnement supérieur. Le secret caché de la nature a maintenant été révélé, essayez-le dès aujourd'hui !

Le soleil, la pollution et les traitements en salon peuvent endommager vos cheveux. Avec les effets nocifs qu'ils apportent, vos cheveux deviennent cassants, plus fins et plus faibles. Nous vous sentons... Ce dont vous avez besoin, c'est de quelque chose qui protège, nourrit et revitalise vos cheveux des racines aux pointes, et vous l'avez trouvé ici.

Notre supplément de vitamines capillaires regorge de nutriments qui vous aideront à obtenir des cheveux longs, forts et brillants en nourrissant votre cuir chevelu et en stimulant vos follicules pour une croissance plus rapide des cheveux. La meilleure partie est que vous profitez d'une formule de soins capillaires tout-en-un dans de délicieux bonbons gélifiés à saveur de baies ! Une gâterie sucrée excellente pour votre santé - profitez du meilleur des deux mondes !

Avis des clients

Basé sur 13 avis

  • M

    Bought for my gf since she said she heard good things about this product. Since she’s started taking them, she’s noticed more volume in her hair… whatever that means in “women language”🤷🏾‍♂️🤣

  • Di*****ita

    I have thin hair and I have been taking this product for quite a while. My hair is healthier after taking it and the thinning is not as noticeable. In addition to tasting good it really works. CJ

  • Gl*****dys

    I would to recommend this amazing pills, a friend of mine has been using it for long and she advised me to use, it really work. She just decided to cut her hair and is using the pills. The hair grows so fast.

  • Te*****Jen

    They are a little expensive, but they seem to work. I'm on my 3rd bottle. I took first bottle thinking I'll try it... who knows. I didn't really see a difference at first. I sit in my chair and have a habit of running my fingers through my hair getting rid of tangles when I am on the phone. Usually every time I end up having about 10-15 stands come out every time I comb through my hair with my hands to the point I was getting very concerned! Then shower after and as I'm shampooing and conditioning more would come out in my hands. Plus, I'd need to clear the drain several times to get water to drain and even after shower and after water had all drained go back and clear the rest of the hair out of drain. I've always had very thick hair. I keep it below shoulders but above or at bra strap range. So back to the first bottle. I had been taking them every day, and I was nearing 3 week and trying to decide if I should order another bottle and had decided not to waste the money. A few days later, I was chatting on the phone with my mom and running my fingers through my hair... like I do, and noticed only 2-3 strands of hair in my fingers each time. I was shocked. I kept running my hands through my hair and sometimes only 1 strand or none. I took a shower, least amount of hair in my drain than I've seen in a very long time! So I ordered my second btl. I wasn't as diligent about taking it daily and with this stay at home order where I live, different from shelter in place orders other states have, I got a little down and at a time where I should be upping all my supplement intake to keep my immune system healthy, I got down and wasn't taking much of anything. I started noticing handfuls of hair coming out each time again. So I started back on my gummies about 2 week's ago and put in my order for my next bottle and received it yesterday. So I haven't noticed thicker hair yet, but my hair didn't get down to half its thickness in just a month. It took a year and a half to really get thin. I will say that it's already started slowing down the hairs I lose every time I run my fingers through it. I did notice that my scalp is less visible when I'm styling it ( that I noticed after the first month I started taking them). Biotin and folic acid are very important to hair and growth. But what is also important to know is B vitamins work together. So this product contains 5B vitamins (B6,B9,B12,B7, and B5). The only thing I wish they would remove is the blue coloring. I usually attempt to stay away from food colorings. I mean who cares what color it is as long as it works. Plus I prefer not to have extra toxic ingredients, and I would love if they added all the B vitamins. I'm going to finish my second bottle and start my third with no long gaps this time to see how things go, but in the interim I'm also going to look for a good liquid B complex as well. Just a side note if you didn't already glean this little tidbit of knowledge from my long winded review, when you stop taking these you will go back to losing your hair. It's not a one time quick fix! However, that is with everything in life. You stop eating junk food for a month, you feel great and lose weight and have more energy and are healthier for those changes and choices made. You go back to eating junk and you go back to where you were before. Any healthy changes you choose to make in your life you will need to continue in order to keep seeing results. I hope this helps anyone that has a bit of time on their hands to read it. 😁 Clearly I had a bit of extra time on my hands to write it considering most of us are staying at home until we can return to work.

  • c

    Just buy it. They work. My hair usually grows SO SLOW, but this picture is just ONE month difference! I’m going based off my beauty mark and there’s clearly growth. I will definitely keep taking these 🙏🏽


  • a

    They're tastier than regular gummy bears! It's too early to notice big changes (2 weeks in) but my hair does feel like it's got a better luster.


  • C

    I’ve been using the product going on 3 weeks and yes I see a big difference in my hair and finally see a little growth. Will buy again


  • p

    I am happy that I recieved my package. It was supposed to come on May 2, However I was not home, so I was informed by usps that It would arrive the next day and it did. It arrived with another package that I ordered, as well. Thank You and they are really good!

  • r

     I’ve neeever had my nails grow this strong 💪🏻 my nails usually can’t get this long because they break. My hair has grown faster too but I’ve seen a bigger improvement in my nails. I’ve taken these for two months and I couldn’t be happier! I recommend these to everyone



  • Am*****nda

    I rarely leave reviews, but this product is beyond deserving of one. All of the hair in that picture is new growth from taking these for about 2 months. 10/10 these are a miracle if you’ve lost hair and are trying to grow it back!


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