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"I am super happy with the result using Laser Cap System." - Hayes Callahan
"Love it so far! Easy to use and wear. Have just started the vitamins." - Vera Dawn
"I would like to share my photos of my results with using your CNV Hair Growth Cap after just 15 months. Not only is it thicker but it has come in curly. Every one has commented on how good it looks." - Roman Atlas
"After less than 4 months I am seeing some improvement. 1st, hair loss seems to have abated. 2nd, I see new growth at the bottom of the crown of my head." - Stella Blaire
"Only have had this for several weeks but I have noticed more volume to my hair and shine. Baby hairs are just starting to grow. It’s still too early to tell for sure but so far so good!" - Victoria Shae

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Since I had the hair loss problem, I foundthat many people had the same problems as me and were constantly looking forways. Hair loss like mine really startled me. It spread very quickly. I found apiece of hair fell off when I slept. Before, I had a big nail cap, but I didn'tcare much about it. Later, it became bigger and bigger. I wore a hat every dayand dared not go out. It was not easy to find ..
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Hair loss is a common condition experienced by millions worldwide. Up to 40% of females and 85% of males are affected by hair loss. Some of the key triggers of hair loss include stress, hormonal imbalance, poor diet and lifestyle choices, family history or genes, immune disorders, side effects of medication, etc. Fortunately, hair loss treatments have evolved, ensuring painless, non-invasive, and ..
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Before we get into the science behind laser hair growth caps specifically, it’s important to cover the basics of how male pattern baldness develops.Contrary to popular belief, male pattern baldness isn’t caused by stress, wearing an overly tight hat or your mother’s father’s genes. Instead, it’s caused by a combination of genetic factors and an androgenic hormone produced by your body ca..
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